Refreshed Daybed

We’re on the constant re-organization of our house furniture…the latest project was finding a way to make the twin bed that served as a seating area for the tv downstairs to feel much less bed-like and be a bit more inviting as a proper couch. Instead of spending $250 on a cheap futon, we decided to jazz up what we had.

We took three yards of Ikea fabric, two bolsters (about $12 each) and a $20 foam camping mat from Canadian Tire, affixed the fabric and foam to an old, found, bottom of a wooden coffee table (we’d been using this for shoes in the sun room last year) and, a few staples later – voila!

Also some painting was done, leftovers from our upstairs paint job when we moved in….three years ago!

We’ve since thrown on some  cushy cushions and are loving the new couch…it’s not perfect, but it’s great design on a dime and I  love this fabric!



2 thoughts on “Refreshed Daybed

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